GMC Canyon Pickup Truck Model Year to Avoid When Buying Used

The GMC Canyon is a reliable midsize pickup truck that meets the expectations of many truck lovers. Impressive performance, stunning interior and top-notch safety features make this vehicle one of the beloved pickup trucks on the market.

The GMC Canyon is among the elite trucks with relatively few problems, but there are always some bumps in the road. If you’re looking to buy a Canyon on the used market, this will help you find out more about the worst Canyon models and their reliability. So let’s dig deeper and uncover this GMC the truck reliability scenario.

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The 2015 and 2016 model years are the most problematic Canyons

According to the CarComplaints website, the 2015 GMC Canyon has the highest number of complaints among model years and is also called the worst Canyon because it has high cost issues. The main issue with the 2015 GMC Canyon relates to the transmission department. This model does not tend to shift properly.

This problem occurs very early in the life of the vehicle and is a relatively dangerous problem. “ Problems happen every time I go down a steep hill. I have taken it back to the dealer 4 times and have been told this is a consistent problem with GMC truck transmissions. To stop the pull on the transfer,

I have to throttle and try to get the transmission to “let go”. Sometimes this solves the problem, and sometimes it doesn’t.” Stated by a Canyon owner. This problem does not have a single answer, and engineers must find solutions accordingly.

Another big problem regarding the 2015 model is the steering problems. Many reports have shown that the power steering stops working while driving. This problem can lead to unwanted incidents, as many drivers have reported accidents caused by this phenomenon.

Another heavily reported problem of the 2015 Canyon is brake squealing. This is less of a problem than the others, but it occurs early on, which can be an annoying hassle to deal with. This has a fairly simple fix, and you’ll need to replace the factory pads with aftermarket pads to fix it.

The 2016 model also suffers from the significant transmission problem that its predecessor did. It’s happening even earlier in this model year, and there’s no word on how much it costs to fix.

Prominent in this model year are also the interior problems. There are various interior-related issues, such as the entertainment system not working properly, A/C malfunctions, and the seats not adjusting properly. These belong to the category of minor problems but can still cause some problems for the owner.

Some other complaints show that the engine stalls when driving in this model year. This is not a very common problem, but it can happen to anyone, so it is best to pay attention to every little detail when driving to identify potential problems.

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The GMC Canyon can last at least 200,000 miles

The GMC Canyon can typically last as much as 200,000 miles. But if you take proper care of it and maintain it religiously, it’s possible to reach numbers north of the 300,000 mile mark. With the typical driving range of 15,000 miles per year, you can get 13 to 20 years of driving experience from the GMC Canyon.

To reach its maximum potential, you must follow all the procedures suggested by the manufacturer. Here are some of the most critical steps in maintaining a GMC Canyon:

  • At 7,500 miles: change oil and filter, rotate tires, inspect brakes, belts and hoses
  • At 22,500 miles: replace tires, replace brake pads/rotors, replace cabin filter
  • At 45,000 miles: replace the cabin air filter, change the manual transmission fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid and clutch fluid, and inspect the evaporative control system
  • At 90,000 miles: replace the timing belt, spark plugs, drive belt, shock absorber and engine coolant hose

The average annual cost to maintain a GMC Canyon is $548, the same as the class average. The probability of a serious visit to the store is also 12%, which is lower than the midsize truck average of 13%.

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The GMC Canyon is a reliable and used pickup truck

The GMC Canyon can satisfy a wide range of customers with its features. It offers tons of different trims and options for customers to choose from. But no man-made machine is perfect, and the Canyon is no exception. If you’re looking for a used GMC Canyon, it’s better to avoid the 2015 and 2016 models because they have major transmission issues. Also, be sure to check your choice of vehicle with a trusted mechanic to avoid the risk of owning a lemon.

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