Forza Horizon 5 new update fixes Wheelspin Exploit and Willys Jeep Bug along with other bugs; Read more

Forza Horizon 5 was released earlier this month, and players around the world are already making progress in acquiring the hundreds of vehicles available in the game. Many car racing fans have begun exploring the world of Forza Horizon 5. But since the game’s formal release a week ago, some servers have been unreliable, which is to be expected when claiming 6 million players just days after launch.

Forza Horizon 5 users can unlock additional cars in a variety of ways, including the game’s slot-like Wheelspin feature. What is perhaps unsurprising is that some impatient Forza Horizon 5 players have decided to take advantage of a bug that affects these Wheelspins to collect rewards much faster than they should. Of course, the Playground team immediately provided a hotfix.

Over 30 separate issues that have plagued Forza Horizon 5 since its launch were corrected in a fairly strong update released on November 17. Several uses of the racing game’s online progression system were the most notable of these vulnerabilities. The exploit was to buy a cheap car called the 1945 Willys MB Jeep, earn some skill points and then get a Super Wheelspin before repeating the procedure.

Willys Jeep Bug

“Willys Jeep bug” required players to buy a relatively inexpensive Willys MB Jeep off-road vehicle from 1945 and grind at least five skill points to get a Super Wheelspin. Players could also give it via the child system after unlocking Wheelspin so that more people could receive it without investing 40,000 credits, but this was only for genuinely generous individuals.


In addition, the new Horizon Life hotfix fixes stability issues, which were a major issue during the first week of FH5. The new patch also includes a fix for Forzathon Shop. Prior to the upgrade, players could not visit the Forzathon store because an error warning would be displayed. Let’s take a look at the other issues fixed in the latest update.

Other patch notes fixed in the latest update

Game stability

  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed a potential crash that could happen if an emote was served when it was offline
  • Fixed a potential crash that could happen when you start a Horizon Arcade
  • Fixed a potential crash that occurred while traffic cars were playing
  • Fixed a crash loading EventLab events
  • Fixed a crash while upgrading cars



  • Improved stability of Horizon Life connections
  • Improvements to online traffic
  • Fixed issue where the player’s car would stop when the connection to Horizon Life was lost
  • Disabled Convoy voice chat to help track long load times in online events
  • Improvements to Horizon Arcade for other players’ visibility and joining and leaving Arcade events
  • Although Eliminator Head to Heads does not end when players reach the finish line

Wheel compatibility

  • Fixed a disconnect popup that prevented Wheels from working properly on the computer


  • Updated Car Masteries for different cars to deal with an exploitation
  • Removed an exploit that could be achieved when creating challenge cards
  • Removed an exploit when creating specific route configurations in EventLab
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to purchase cars from the Car Collection screen that were not available in the Auto Show
  • Added controls to stop an exploit with driving assistance
  • Prevented players from downloading songs before a race starts



  • Fixed that VIP Player House was not free for some VIPs
  • Fixed VIP House not giving the player the right Forzathon Point multiplier
  • Fixed an issue where some VIP players did not receive Super Wheelspins


  • Fixed players who did not receive the loyalty reward for playing Forza Motorsport 5
  • Fixed an issue with Car Collection where it was possible for a player to lose pending rewards if they ended the game
  • Rebalanced UGC payments

PC settings

  • Fixed resolution scaling that causes GTAO depth issues on PC
  • Fixed issue where remote terrain could be displayed as low resolution on PC Ultra settings



  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for the player to drop out of the world after completing the trial version
  • Fixed an issue where input stops working on the screen Tap Start
  • Cross Country Event difficulty has been set slightly easier on Drivatar Difficulty levels under Unbeatable to level some difficulty spikes
  • Fixed EventLab notifications remaining in Freeroam
  • Fixed some badge missing icons on Xbox One and Xbox One S
  • Fixed swear filter that is not applied correctly on Super7

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