For $ 36,000, would this L77-swapped 2013 Jeep Rubicon dispute a deal?

Nice Price or No Dice 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

About HG Wells Dr. Moreau’s ö showed us anything, it is that tropical paradise can house monsters. Today Good price or no dice The L77-powered Jeep looks like a Hawaiian monster, but the price will show terrible?

A valuable social skill is the ability to know your place, ie to “read the room”. Having the right message in the right place at the right time is the mantra for successful advertisers and in the minds of many of you, yesterday’s 1986 Nissan 720 King Cab 4×4 wanot offered in the right place.

As we all saw, the chosen one location was Craigslist and although it may be the perfect place to sell pretty much anything Nissan’s asking price of $ 11,500 felt to many of you more appropriate somewhere like Bring a Trailer where seemingly crazy rich people shop. That disconnection resulted in a 65 percent No Dice loss for the small pickup. If the seller sees that result, maybe they’re moving the ad to a better area?

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Speaking of better neighborhoods, we all take a little to travel to Hawaii? Make sure you try Loco Moco while we’re here, it’s delicious. Why are we in Hawaii? Well, to take a look at this recent emigrant, one 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubiconof course. Jeep salesmen say they have brought it to the islands after permeates the one with a fully alloyed six-liter L77 engine ad says where snatched from a Chevy police cruiser before his lead role in Wrangler.

That police engine should be good for something like 360 ​​horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque, a good chunk more than 285/260 that Wrangler’s original 3.6 V6 could handle.

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Together with the hot GM factory, this Jeep got a rebuilt 6180e six-speed automatic and a refreshed Jeep gearbox with handshake adapter between gearbox and splitter to make everything work. A lot of other work and updates have been done for the engine replacement, so much so that the builder pulled the body off the frame to make it all less of a headache.

It all seems to be a bit of quality work as well. All electronics for the driveline are said to have been kept, as have the cats, making this transformation in 50 states legal, according to the ad. The truck also gets a suspension with a hiked skirt and new Nittos that look like they have a tread aggressive enough to gnaw off a face.

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That’s not all glad luaus and leis however, with the transformation. The seller says that the TIPM or Total Integrated Power Module is either not connected or is completely missing. This means that things like the wiper delay and the cabinets do not work. It can be a deal killer for some.

It was apparently for the seller’s wife. According to the ad, the Jeep was built to get out on “the tough roads in Hawaii”, but the seller’s husband turned his nose towards the truck and rode a Tundra instead. Least tthe hat is it the reason for the ad.

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Aesthetically, the Jeep seems to be in decent shape for all the work done under the surface. Some adaptation has been made to the exterior and interior, especially some LED lamps and waterproof seat covers. It comes with a full hardtop and all four hard doors as well as a winch in custom front bumper. The title is pure and it advertising claims there to be 30,500 miles on the clock. UnfortunatelyIIt is not explained whether the original engine went up or was just replaced because it was too weak for the current owner’s taste.

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If this Jeep feelsis like a taste with general appeal, then we just have to think a little about its asking price of 36,000 USD. For so much, it may even be worth sending back to the mainland if Hawaii is not your cup of poi.

What do you think, is this L77-replaced Jeep worth the $ 36,000 you ask for when it’s seated? Or does the price make this frame construction look like a total rip-off?

You decide!

Hawaii Craigslistor go here if the ad disappears.

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