Flashing D on shifter and power loss issues on my used Jeep Compass

I consulted two authorized service centers and based on the symptoms, both blamed a faulty fuel pump.

BHPian sandhyab recently shared this with fellow enthusiasts.

Hi fellow BHPians and experts, I need your support in deciding my next course of action. But before I go any further, let me describe my little journey with the car.

In Nov 2021 I bought an overpriced Jeep Compass Longitude AT in May 19 with 39,000 km. Until April 2022, the car was only driven for another 3000 km. With Covid subsidy, I took an outstation trip to Kota from Delhi, about 400 km one way.


When he came back from Kota, the car started losing power. I checked the shifter and the “D” was flashing. I somehow managed to park the car on the side of the highway. In addition, the engine had been switched off. After putting the car in P, turning on the engine and putting it back in ‘D’ the car started, but within a few km it lost power again and ‘D’ flashed.

Somehow managed to park the car again, googled the nearest Jeep service center and spoke to a technician who after listening to the symptoms promptly called it a fuel pump problem and said the part is not available so we have to take RSA to bring car to Jaipur and leave it there for at least a week. This was not an option so decided to take a third party towing service and bought the car back to Delhi.

First solution

Once home they called Jeep RSA and they collected the car from my home and took it to the local Okhla service center. Even the local Jeep advisor said the fuel pump was not available, and no specific reason for the pump failure was mentioned. But, as promised, within a week the part was arranged and the car was handed over to me. The car still had the original 3 year warranty and therefore no payment was required.

Repeated number

This week the car had been driven only 400 kms since the fuel pump replacement and the same symptom has recurred when I returned from Greater Noida. But now the Jeep warranty is over. Bought the car from Mahindra First Choice whose warranty is still there.


So would like to know what my options are for the next step, in my mind these options are:

  • Use Mahindra First Choice Warranty – However, I am very skeptical that they would have the expertise needed to resolve the issue.
  • Take the car to the Jeep Service Center – Let them diagnose and fix the problem. But I also doubt they even changed the fuel pump they invoiced for. How can some fail within a month? So either they didn’t change the part or the diagnosis was wrong. I also think this would be a very costly affair for my pocket.

Oh and if our experts know the problem and have any additional suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

The problem was reported to Jeep and the car visited the Jeep workshop while it was still under warranty. They haven’t fixed it right. Contact Jeep directly and provide all supporting documentation. They have a responsibility to repair your car under warranty.

Also, always take an extended warranty. We are literally shouting it from the rooftops at Team-BHP. Wish you had taken it, especially when you saw this issue pop up.

Ask them how it works. Use the Mahindra First Choice warranty only if they send it to the Jeep workshop.

Here’s what BHPian Dr.AD had to say on the matter:

Sorry to hear about the problems with your car. I’m no Jeep Compass expert, but just thinking logically, it seems unlikely that the flashing “D” on the transmission is related to fuel pump problems.

Flashing “D” usually indicates a transmission error. This will be related to certain components of your automatic transmission system. If you do a simple google search on “flashing D in automatic transmission” you will find quite a few articles. Not one of those would indicate a problem with the fuel pump.

I believe that even though they did indeed replace the fuel pump under warranty, your problem was unrelated to that, and thus it reappeared. This is my guess. I could be wrong as I don’t know much about the specific implementation of this in the Jeep Compass, but my answer is generally based on what the flashing “D” indicates in any AT car.

Further, flashing “D” will surely throw a trouble code (DTC) which you can see if you scan the car. You can ask the service center to scan the car in front of you and check the error codes. Most likely, you will see the car throwing a fault code related to transmission components (eg clutch or clutch related parts).

By the way, you should not drive your car at all when there is a transmission fault. This can be a serious error. You should get this sorted before you drive the car.

I would say take it to the Jeep Service Center and insist they check all transmission faults and fix the transmission problems under warranty (since last time you mentioned the same problem under warranty). Your car is still too new to go outside the authorized service center. Explore the authorized service options fully first, and only if necessary, exit later as Plan B.

Here’s what BHPian neelkumar had to say on the matter:

This is unfortunate.

Escalate this at service center and also to Jeep so they can get this fixed under warranty.

Also, if you have the warranty document from MFC, read it and see where they get the cars serviced. I’m just guessing here, but I think they will send the car to the OEM service center because it will be easy for them too.

Here’s what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

When the vehicle otherwise drives around, is there smoke from the exhaust or loud injection noise etc?

Fuel problems will show some symptoms, while the fuel pump is fixed earlier whatever is going on with the fuel pump would eventually wear out the injectors and lead to engine shutdown.

A transmission failure must not shut down an engine in the middle of a drive. A less frequently used diesel engine will have problems with injectors and fuel pumps sooner or later.

Check out BHPian’s comments for more insight and information.

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