Five upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler you can’t destroy

Off Road Xtreme’s audience includes all types of enthusiasts with varying levels of knowledge and experience. We can’t all be experts ready to take on advanced technical vehicle enhancements. This article will highlight some of the low-hanging fruit when it comes to modifications. Off Road Xtreme presents five upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler that you can’t destroy.

Off-road driving is so unique compared to other car-based sports with different vehicles for different types of recreation. One thing we can all agree on is that the Jeep Wrangler is the most modified vehicle out there, simply across the board. It’s a legendary 4×4 platform from the factory with tons of aftermarket options. We’ve identified a few products that almost anyone can add themselves or complete with the help of a friend.

You can do these five upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler or any vehicle

Remember, we’re only using the Jeep Wrangler platform as an example. Most companies like the ones we’ve listed below will likely have the same or similar products available for popular automotive applications.

Five Upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler: Stay grounded and get a grip

A really common first upgrade is to outfit your ride with oversized or aggressive tires. Getting a good set of trail-rated tires will help your rig perform better off-road and not leave you hanging miles from the pavement. We recommend that you go with a reliable branded tire, and Mickey Thompson tires and wheels is one of the legendary automotive icons that is well established.

Mickey Thompson offers a complete line of mild Baja Boss A/T tires to the more aggressive ones Baja ATZ Hybrid all terrain tire. With their extreme Baja Boss M/T and premium MTZ tires, they have a well-rounded lineup. If I were buying a rugged off-road tire for my daily driver, I’d definitely land on the ATZ. It comes with a 45,000 mile limited warranty, 3-ply construction and aggressive shoulder lugs. The “hybrid” design crosses an off-road tire with a mud tread pattern and plants a wide footprint for added grip but also provides a smooth ride on paved conditions.

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 Tire Features:

  • Tough, sculpted tread blocks for good all-around traction
  • Silica reinforced tread compound for wet performance, long life and cut/chip resistance
  • Powerply 3-layer sidewall construction for sidewall protection and responsive handling
  • Deep aggressive shoulders SideBiters® for protection and improved off-road grip
  • Arched shoulder lugs for improved off-road grip

If I needed tires to replace worn rubber for my main 4×4 rig, the Baja Boss M/T is an extremely high clay terrain of the highest class with an asymmetric tread pattern with low noise level. Offered up to load zone F, this heavy-duty radial tire with Mickey Thompson’s proprietary Powerply™ XD adds 50% heavier denier cable to the angled third layer. These advanced design features provide better puncture resistance, faster steering response and greater stability.

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T Tire Features:

  • Asymmetric tread pattern reduces noise, improves handling and ride
  • Extra large Sidebiters® with four highlights for unmatched off-road traction
  • Stone ejector ribs prevent gravel from being wedged into the tread grooves
  • Silica-reinforced compound for better wear, cutting and chip resistance, improved wet handling and braking
  • Sizes from 15-24 inch wheel diameters for a variety of levels and lift vehicles
  • Several sizes with increased load capacity, including load area F

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T Tires

Five Upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler: Breathe easy and let it flow

A performance exhaust system is another quick and affordable modification that’s easy to check off the list. A complete exhaust system from a reputable manufacturer costs less than $1,000 and can free up some untapped ponies and improve the audible notes from your horse.

Flowmaster exhaust system is a performance exhaust brand well known for decades. They offer custom built kits for all types of vehicles that offer a suite of sounds from mild to wild. If you run a new JL Wrangler, they have at least eleven different systems to choose from. Looking for an exhaust that can handle the track and still pull wool on the pavement without getting run over every week, then Flowmaster Flowfx Extreme Cat-Back Exhaust System is the ticket.

Flowmaster FX exhaust system

Flowmaster Flowfx Extreme Features:

  • The FlowFX series performance mufflers offer a deep powerful sound and increased performance
  • 409 stainless steel construction provides extra durability and improved long-term corrosion resistance
  • Uses factory hangers for easy installation
  • 3.0-inch 16-gauge stainless steel mandrel bent pipes help maintain maximum exhaust flow for better power
  • Includes all necessary hardware for a home installation
  • Dump-style output allows for better ground clearance in extreme off-road conditions
  • Lifetime limited warranty

For one JK Wrangler, they all offer the same series of exhausts. Flowmaster also has several options for Jeep TJ also.

Five Upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler: Command and Control Performance

After a rig has been modified and improved for off-road driving, it really should be recalibrated. This used to be complicated but now with modern technological devices it has become streamlined and easy to do. So simple that all vehicle owners with one handheld programmercan unlock, calibrate, tune or program their ride in any number of ways.

Super chips leads the market in this sector and they have recently renewed their Trail Dash unit with the new one TD3. This is a unit specifically built for Jeepers who want to get the most out of their rig.

Superchips TrailDash 3

The Trail Dash 3 The all-new CRAWL screen puts everything you need at your fingertips during off-road driving. Vehicle Pitch & Roll, Front & Rear Differential Lock, Swaybar Quick Connect, Line Lock, Rock Lock, TPMS Adjust, along with engine idle speed and up to four user selectable PIDs.

For Jeep Rubicon owners, the TD3 gives you full control over your vehicle’s differential case. For example, when locked, why limit the vehicle speed to only 25 mph. You can also turn on the rear locker when in two-wheel drive, or both the front and rear lockers when in four-high. The OEM design prevents these settings, but the TD3 allows full control.

Superchips Trail Dash 3 Features:

  • High resolution 5 edge to edge swipe screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy product updates
  • CRAWL screen provides quick access to popular off-road function controls
  • Custom color mixer for gauge arcs, needles and backgrounds
  • Screen layouts with multiple gauges
  • Switch panel display to control EAS switch
  • Fully customizable backgrounds
  • HDMI connector for power and linking of EAS accessories
  • Easy one-touch menu navigation with high resolution 5 Edge-to-edge swipe screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy product updates
  • CRAWL screen provides quick access to popular off-road function controls
  • Custom color mixer for gauge arcs, needles and backgrounds
  • Screen layouts with multiple gauges
  • Switch panel display to control EAS switch
  • Fully customizable backgrounds
  • HDMI connector for power and linking of EAS accessories
  • Simple menu navigation with the push of a button

Superchips TrailDash 3

In addition to Trail Dash, Superchips has tons of programmers and tuning devices designed specifically for different applications and many others Jeep products.

Five Upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler: Off-Road Rugged Cargo and Organization

With your Wrangler rolling on good rubber, performance fully tuned and humming, we would now suggest that you equip the vehicle with a cargo system. Jeeps aren’t exactly known for being hugely spacious, in fact they’re built small to be nimble and trail-ready. By adding rugged cargo enhancements, you can haul all the necessary gear needed for a day on the trail or a longer off-road adventure. Staying organized is an added benefit while keeping everything easily accessible to keep you sane.

Garvin Industries is a family owned company specializing in the manufacture of cargo trays, racks and other specialty products for off-road vehicles since 1975. All American made, hand crafted and built in-house at its California facility, Garvin Industries has also manufactured products for OEM accounts such as: Warn Industries, Superwinch and AM General Corp.

They offer vehicle specific products for JL Wranglers, JK Wranglers, TJ, YJ, CJ, other jeepsand vehicles too. The racks are the main driving forces and come in all different configurations. Decorating my new JL as an “overlander” theirs Expedition Full Rack would do the trick. I am partial to this setup as I could further upgrade with a rear ladder system, an ARB awning mount, LED light mounts, Rotopax mounts and tool mounts. There are lots of available accessories and even a Yakima or Thule crossbar system can be added for endless mounting options.

Garvin Industries Expedition Full Rack Features:

  • No drilling required for installation
  • Mounts securely to the front windshield mounts and to the Jeep’s underbody
  • Holds up to 300 pounds off-road and 600 lbs static weight
  • Perfect for a roof top tent
  • Has enough clearance to remove the Jeep Freedom upper front parts without having to remove the rack

There is also one Jeep JK Wrangler Adventure Rack available, or you can choose any other of them rack styles.

Five upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler: extended range and ready for adventure

Now that you’re almost ready to hit the trail for that off-road adventure, let’s give you some extra range. When exploring the off-grid wilderness, it’s important to know where the nearest gas station is and how far you can venture out and still make it back to fill up. This is basically defined as your fuel range.

Titanium fuel tanks produces XXL direct replacement tanks, auxiliary tanks and transfer tanks to help extend the vehicle’s fuel range. With these wonderful time-saving solution products, you can put an end to the headache of long road trips, save time, improve range, reduce fuel costs and fill up whenever you want.

Their Titan Trail Trekker II™ Tank is specifically designed for off-road rigs. This transfer tank mounts on and goes over the full size spare tire that is carried on the rear of the vehicle.

Titan Trail Trekker II Features:

  • 12 gallon capacity
  • Fits all stock and most aftermarket Wrangler tire carriers
  • Models and mounting kits to fit 5, 6 and 8 heel patterns
  • The tank is completely grounded
  • Lifetime warranty
  • FREE 2 GPM Shaker Siphon included

Military grade cross-linked polymer construction means these things are built to last and tough enough for serious off-roading abuse. Backed by a lifetime warranty and American made, you can trust that the Titan won’t leave you stranded on the trail.

Which five upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler would you choose?

Off Road Xtreme wants to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment or share with your friends which five upgrades for a Jeep Wrangler you would choose. Like we said, this was the low-hanging fruit, and sometimes that’s all you need to catch the bug and get the ball rolling.

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