Everything we know about the Jeep Electric Off-Roader, so far

Jeep has already talked about an electrified future, and it is intended to make that speech a reality with an electric version of its classic Wrangler Off-Roader. The Wrangler EV, which was unveiled by a concept car during the 2021 Easter Jeep Safari in Utah, is now closer to reality than ever. In fact, Stellantis has already unveiled its “Dare Forward 2030”, and has announced a brand new series of electric vehicles to come, including a BEV Jeep off-road vehicle coming in 2024. We automatically assume it will be an electric version of the Wrangler.

Magneto was a concept car that was shown last year. It contained four chassis-mounted battery packs arranged for optimal weight distribution. A Wrangler EV is also depicted in a movie produced by Stellantis, to include a biometric recognition software, which uses physical clues or data, such as facial recognition or fingerprints, to identify the owner of the Jeep and enable the car to be driven and driven.

According to Stellantis, the electric Jeep Wrangler can also have a technology that allows it to charge other electric cars. Jeep already makes a plug-in hybrid model of the Wrangler called 4xe, so a fully electric version should not be far behind. A prototype image was shown of the new Jeep Electric Off-Roader, and officials described it as a new “white-space” model for the company.

It is completely unique, with proportions similar to the Ford Bronco or Hummer EV SUV, but much larger than a Wrangler. Despite this, it retains a full-size spare wheel at the rear. We are fascinated to say the least, because it will also be a revolutionary electric car. Although we believe that the Jeep Electric Off-Roader will look and feel similar to the existing JL series Jeep Wrangler, it will form the basis for a new wave of electric jeeps.

Jeep has not released price information for the Jeep Electric Off-Roader, but we can tell you right now that it can not be cheap. Expect to pay around $ 50,000 for a base model, with increased pricing for more desirable and competent variants.

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Its performance, power and engine should be something new!

As Tesla has shown, Americans would buy electric vehicles if they were appealing, and there is no stronger evidence of a new reality than the Jeep Electric Off-Roader.

Apart from the “making history” aspect, there is also the possibility that electrification will enhance the Jeep experience. This is because electric motors are high-torque and their incredibly fast power comes in handy during very precise off-road maneuvers.

The Magneto concept included a special EV engine that included a 285 hp electric motor, a 6-speed manual transmission and even four battery packs. Something like that could see production and the expectation of a more basic EV driveline with one or even several electric motors’ zero transmission and a single battery pack.

We can only guess how Jeep would design the new Jeep Electric Off-Roader. Although the Magneto concept of “keep the batteries where they fit” technology may prevail, we predict that Jeep will integrate the batteries and engine better than it is in the actual electric Wrangler.

This would mean batteries hidden between (adjusted) frame rails, and possibly axles with built-in electric motors front and rear, as opposed to only one motor driving the transmission and gearbox as a standard motor would do.

Magneto is really a great start, in our opinion. However, the new Jeep Electric Off-Roader can be more powerful. More information about it should be available in the coming months.

The interior, the exterior and the overall design just have to be impeccable!

It is unknown if the new Jeep Electric Off-Roader will be available in a two- or four-door body, but we expect it to have the same basic interior space and dashboard design as the current Wrangler.

The Jeep Electric Off-Roader will almost certainly have detachable doors and roofs for something similar to an outdoor driving experience. The electric platform contributes to the renewal of the Wrangler, which now has a larger bonnet, more front wheels and a front boot. Large items that currently cannot be moved will now be able to be accommodated in new arrangements.

Jeep’s goal is to make the new off-road car as good as, if not better than, the Wrangler Rubicon 392 by incorporating a much more efficient package into the car.

Jeep, on the other hand, does not want to travel too far. Fans were outraged when the spherical headlights were replaced by square headlights. Jeep strives to remain true to its historic concept and history by maintaining ties with the classic Willys 1941 Willys Jeep.

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What new technology should you expect?

The new Jeep Electric Off-Roader would not disappoint current customers who value efficiency and technology. Stellantis has teased many new time functions for the terrain-focused electric SUV, including peer-2-peer charging, biometric recognition, autonomous vehicle tracking, drone pairing, group tour, jeep track, OTA updates and even AR HUD.

Bi-directional charging is possible with peer-to-peer charging. Charging vehicles to vehicles when you are stranded on the road. When the sensor recognizes that the person approaching the vehicle matches the registered face, it puts the biometric recognition on the car immediately.

Jeep Trails is a product built exclusively for the terrain community, with 6,000 terrain tracks installed in the system with relevant information. It will be very convenient for someone entering a region for the very first time.

The vehicle-to-vehicle interface will be offered with a variety of upcoming Stellantis products, enabling fun off-road activities with companions while staying in touch. All of these are expected to be common in Jeep Electric Off-Roader.

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