Dodge Ram Jeep Cherokee Air Suspension Trials

If you have had problems with the air suspension in your 2013-2020 Dodge Ram 1500 or 2011-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokeeattorneys working with would love to hear from you.

They are investigating whether a defect causes the air suspension in the cars to collapse and fail completely, causing loss of traction and extreme driving instability.

Attorneys have reason to suspect that Chrysler knows—or should know—about the air suspension problem because of countless consumer complaints and the fact that a test protocol has been developed for service technicians; but it is believed that the company is not taking the necessary steps to really correct the problem. Now, lawyers working with are investigating whether legal action is possible.

What are some signs of air suspension failure?

Dodge Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers who have experienced air suspension failure may notice that their vehicle has lowered without warning, is lower in the front or rear, or will not adjust to a normal height. Others may experience that the ride quality has decreased significantly or that the vehicle is not responsive at all with respect to the air suspension system.

It is believed that the problem is especially occurring in colder weather and can become particularly dangerous if an affected vehicle drives over a pothole or other bump and loses grip.

What are Dodge and Jeep drivers saying about the air suspension problem?

Countless complaints have been posted online and sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) from Dodge Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers who have had problems with the four-corner active air suspension system in their cars. A selection of these complaints can be found below [sic throughout, emphasis ours]:

The air suspension fails and the front goes down and it’s a very rough ride. With 28,000 km miles it has gone back for repair three times for this problem. Called ram help center and they will not take the vehicle back or recall it. Major security issue.”
— NHTSA ID Number 11307019, Moosic, Penn., 2018 Ram 1500 Driver

Air suspension systems fail in cold weather. Thousands of confirmed cases. A class action in Canada. An entire company takes advantage of removing these parts…My air suspension leaked during a trip, warning lights, vehicle air suspension fell to the frame. No suspension resulted in very bumpy, dangerous immediate driving conditions. Once the ride got bumpy, two jumps for every bump in the road. Steering became difficult due to driver instability. Passengers got sick and vomited due to bumpy ride. The passengers became unstable and hit their heads on the roof even when they were belted.”
— NHTSA ID Number 11463211, Hesperia, Michigan, 2015 Ram 1500 Driver

The air damping has been active since I bought it new in February 2018…Later it started flashing…to “service suspected air immediately.”…the truck dropped and it was driving very hard. I towed it to the dealer. They had it for 3 weeks. It failed as soon as I walked…the rear is high and the front is low… It’s pitiful.”
— NHTSA ID Number 11160840, Roaring Springs, Texas, 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Driver

Last year my Grand Cherokee’s rear shock exploded (sounded like a gunshot) while parked in the driveway. The rear of the vehicle completely caved in, rendering it undriveable. It was under warranty and I had to repair it… A week ago I towed an empty trailer about 20 miles, took the trailer off and about an hour later the entire back end of the jeep was bottomed out again, completely disable the vehicle again!…We will NEVER own another Jeep. This is ridiculous. The air shock suspension system is sooo poorly designed and engineered!”
— Guffak, 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee driver,

How could a class action help?

If filed and successful, a class action lawsuit could allow drivers to seek compensation for past repairs related to the air suspension system. Furthermore, a successful case could force Chrysler to recall the cars and offer a no-cost settlement.

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