Do not bother to read reviews of Jeep Wrangler

With the numbers, the Jeep Wrangler lags far behind its competitors. And its critics are quick to point out that the Jeep Wrangler is outdated. But the Wrangler, like the Mazda Miata, Dodge Challenger and some motorcycles, gives its driver the taste of a bygone era in exchange for sacrificing some modern conveniences. If this is what you want to drive, no one can persuade you. But if you’re on the fence and thinking about reading reviews, do yourself a favor and buy something else instead.

Jeep Wranglers history

WWII Jeep Willys 1944 | Jim Heimann Collection / Getty Images)

Jeep Wrangler is an objectively outdated SUV. Problems with this vehicle include its full frame construction, solid axle design and inefficient driveline.

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