Daniel Radcliffe’s 6×6 jeep from “The Lost City” stolen by Florida Man

The lost city is an adventure / romance film from 2022. Stars include Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe. This ensemble treasure hunt promises to be full of adventure and laughter. But it already draws on some drama: Daniel Radcliffe’s villain drives a custom-built Jeep Gladiator 6 × 6, and after filming wrapped up, car hijackers unknowingly stole the vehicle used in the film.

What is 6 × 6 in ‘The Lost City?’

Daniel Radcliffe plays the rogue billionaire Fairfax The lost city. He owns a very custom 6 × 6. It’s a Jeep Gladiator “Hellfire” built by the company Apocalypse. It has a diesel engine, long-distance suspension, 40-inch tires and a whole extra axle.

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