Current plans: GMC will build electric Sierra

Resellers should be on the lookout for major infrastructure upgrades

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No one said the future is cheap. In a conversation with Detroit Free Presssaid a dealer in Missouri that suits at GMC talked about a fully electric Sierra pickup that is in the product pipe.

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Continuing to say “This whole electrical thing is a moving target”, the dealer also worked out that there is no timeline for getting the truck to market.

These revelations surfaced at a (virtual) dealership meeting held earlier this month with store owners flagging various General Motors brands. It’s not a total surprise to know that GMC will build an all-electric Sierra – after all, Ford can not have that market all to itself – but it will be interesting to see how the brand distinguishes a Sierra EV from the upcoming Hummer EV. To cannibalize their own sales is, after all, the desire of exactly zero manufacturers.

Lifestyle and intended use will probably be a difference, with the electric Sierra (I call it ProEV) likely to shop at its towing and payload options, while the Hummer will be more of a toy. Imagine how Polaris uses a similar approach between its workhorse General and speed freak RZR lines – both are very powerful but appeal to different segments. Price will probably also play a factor, with most trimmers of the Hummer EV sticker expected to be close to six figures.

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Elsewhere in their conversation with Freep (your author loves the tendency for retailers to be a bunch of blabbermouths) we learn that about half of the nearly 2,000 GM retailers in America have agreed to pony up well over $ 100,000 to properly equip their stores in preparation for to sell the 2022 Hummer EV. This investment will reportedly cover them for the upcoming Hummer SUV variant and the previously mentioned Sierra ProEV.

The upgrades include the expected charging infrastructure and training for electric cars, but also special lifts in the service areas plus dedicated storage space and – strangely enough – an 8,000-pound forklift. These latter two items suggest that the Hummer EV may need extra preparation for the dealer compared to traditional pickup trucks and SUVs. Of course, if a reseller already has some of these items, their upgrade costs will be reduced.

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2022 GMC Hummer EV

Warn readers will remember a significant portion of Cadillac dealers in the state who chose to take the money and run when given the choice of following required EV upgrades or shutting down the brand. No such offer was apparently made in this case. What many prols fail to understand is the concept that retailers will generally invest in these types of upgrades if they feel their profits will remain intact.

When you read the tea leaves and the proportion of GMC retailers who are willing to take the step compared to the number of Cadillac stores, it is clear which group has a sunnier future outlook for their respective brands. Refusing to upgrade is not always a Luddite indicator; Sometimes it’s simply a matter of the retailer’s confidence in the brand’s plan and that plan’s ability to generate dollar bills.

Just the mention of a Sierra ProEV must have been good enough for those who balance the books at GMC dealers.


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