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DUBOIS – The sun was shining on top of The Hill on Friday night when Northeast Dubois welcomed Jasper for a county showdown.

The weather warmed up, but it’s something like class 4A no. 5 Wildcats (9-1) have already done so, and came away with their sixth straight victory on Friday with a 9-0 triumph of Jeeps (0-6).

This one started with two pointless innings, Jasper got a couple of runs at the top of the third and the top of the fourth, and gradually withdrew.

“(Jeeps senior starting pitcher Aden) Thewes did a great job, but when he left a couple we jumped on him, we got him to pay for it,” said Jasper coach Terry Gobert. “And it will be a good lesson. Not because he did not know it, but when he made a mistake, we did not let him get away with it.”

“It came from us because Jasper does a great job of exploiting mistakes, and it does not even have to be mistakes,” said Northeast Dubois coach Luke Woolems. “It can only be a little disappointing here or there. You let your guard down a little, and things come from you.”

Again, Jasper had no shortage of highlights in this one. It was sophomore Will Wallace, who went deep for his first college home maneuver – a solo shot that led from the top of the fourth that made it a 3-0 match at the time.

“Coach Gobert told me to be ready, and I was ready for the fastball, and I just jumped on it,” Wallace said.

Meanwhile, senior Kody Morton gave an exclamation point with a three-run homer in the top seven, ending the night at 3-for-5 with four RBIs.

“I turned the ball back in the middle, held it back and did not try to fly open,” Morton said.

These two home runs helped provide plenty of running support to second-year student Andrew Noblitt, who received a complete match suspension and struck out seven hits over the same number of innings.

“I had Noblitt among our top two guys coming into the season, and he’s only had a few back problems,” said Gobert. “I thought he did a really good job tonight. He has a good wrestling ball, his ball runs and he’s a pitcher. His dad (Andy) was a pitcher and he’s a pitcher. So I’m really happy for him, he did a good job. ”

Despite the jeeps’ record and the points from Friday’s match, Gobert had good things to say about the program and showed optimism about his season.

“They will be fine,” he said. “They just have to finish a ball game, but they are athletic and they have some good ball players and they have some good arms. And I would not be surprised to see these guys win 10-15 in a row, and they will be on a good place at the end of the year if they just keep hammering on.

“It’s not so much what we do as a team – the teamwork is the result of the collective individual efforts,” said Woolems. “And right now we have some individual things that we have to work on. We can not carry bats on the pitch and stuff. And we have to support some of it, but it’s just maturity and experience, and hopefully we learn it every night. . ”

Woolems hopes his players are competitive, will play with a lot of pride and come back every day. He praised the team for having one of his best practices this season after losing, 9-3, to Barr-Reeve on Tuesday. He credited the players for it with their attitude and heart and playing with the heart is an expectation from this team.

Northeast Dubois will not have to wait long for the next opportunity to take the first win, as it is planned to welcome Paoli today, making a match that was originally scheduled for April 9.

“I think they have to lock themselves in as if they were this game,” Woolems said. “How do you lock yourself in when the atmosphere may not be as it was tonight? How do you lock yourself in when you are not playing against a county rival? That is the question, and we have to find out. That is where maturity comes in.”

Jasper has played four games this week, having won them all, and now the Wildcats will try to finish strong, as they are set to play two games today at Ruxer Field, with Columbus East as the first.

“I think we have to strike tomorrow – Columbus East is a very good ball club, and then we play against Linton-Stockton as well,” said Gobert. “But we have to get better production up and down the lineup. Our bottom half is a bit struggling. It was nice to see Wallace hit a ball, and we have to get more out of 7-8-9, but they know that. We will to keep studying away. “


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