A detailed look at the first generation Jeep Cherokee

In light of the steadily rising SUV craze, Jeep introduced the Cherokee SJ series in 1974. Largely based on the Jeep Wagoneer, which served the company very well between 1963 and 1967, the Cherokee SJ was American Motor Corporation’s attempt to restore the iconic two-door configuration. Offered through 1983, the Jeep Cherokee caught a lot … Read more

A full-size Jeep Cherokee SJ built for the rocks

Full Size Jeeps (FSJs) like this 1977 Jeep Cherokee have always had a cult following, and for many reasons. These vehicles came from the factory with powerful powertrains—often a V-8 or potent inline-six engine—as well as solid axles, a ladder frame, roomy interiors, and more. These FSJ rigs are a bit mid-sized by today’s standards, … Read more

Jeep XJ Cherokee Cooling Problems and Remedies

Anyone who has ever owned a Jeep Cherokee XJ has had to deal with engine cooling problems at one point or another. The inline 4.0L six-cylinder engine has a solid reputation for reliability, lasting more than 200,000 miles, but it can also get hot when crawling rocks, hauling heavy loads, or driving up a steep, … Read more

Jeep expands its range of India models with Meridian and Cherokee

Jeep – dubbed America’s “most patriotic brand” – will expand its model range in India, with the launch of the Meridian and Grand Cherokee later this year. In the first 10 months of 2021-2022, SUVs accounted for 42 percent of sales in India’s passenger car market. The Meridian, the company’s three-row SUV that made its … Read more