Anand Mahindra donates SUV to man who built jeep from scrap metal

Time and again, Anand Mahindra has supported innovators and creative minds whose jugaad technology has impressed the world. Now, in his words, he shared the news of how his company gifted a new vehicle to the Maharashtra blacksmith who had built a car by refurbishing old parts and scrap metal.

Dattatraya Lohar of Devrashtre village was noticed by the Mahindra Group chairman last month after a video of his iron car went viral. Lohar’s car, built from scratch, powered by a two-wheeler, autorickshaw tires, may have looked like a rugged jeep, but was efficient enough to impress everyone online.

“I will personally offer him a Bolero in exchange,” the business tycoon had tweeted, saying that sooner or later local authorities will stop him from driving the vehicle for flouting the rules.

As he had promised to preserve the man’s creation in the Mahindra Research Valley, the tycoon updated on Tuesday that the man accepted their offer and that he got a new SUV in exchange.

“Yesterday his family received a Bolero and we proudly took care of his creation. It will be part of our collection of cars of all kinds in our Research Valley and should inspire us to be resourceful,” he wrote, sharing some heartwarming photos.

Pictures showed Lohar along with his wife and children riding in their new family car.

When the video of his unusual vehicle went viral, the talented man had explained that he was building the car for his children who wanted to ride four-wheelers. But due to financial constraints, he could not afford one.

“This clearly does not meet any of the rules but I will never stop admiring the ingenuity and ‘more with less’ capabilities of our staff. And their passion for mobility – not to mention the familiar front grill,” the businessman had written and shared the video.

People on social media loved Mahindra’s gesture and said that the man’s car would surely inspire many engineers in years to come to build something as innovative as his creation.


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