Advantages of 2022 Honda Pilot over 2023 GMC Acadia

Buying a three-row SUV is becoming increasingly challenging. Every year, another car manufacturer adds another three-row model to its lineup. They’re also all so shockingly luxurious that it’s hard to choose. Some popular options are the 2022 Honda Pilot and the 2023 GMC Acadia. Both have their advantages over each other and other three-row midsize SUV rivals. But what are the advantages of the 2022 Honda Pilot compared to the 2023 GMC Acadia?

The 2022 Honda Pilot base model is feature-rich

2022 Honda Pilot | Honda

According to Kelley Blue Book, the 2022 Honda Pilot has a “feature-rich base model.” Recently, the Pilot Sport is now the base model of the three-row mid-size SUV. By making it the entry-level offering, buyers get a shot at a well-equipped yet affordable option. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto is standard, along with some other outstanding amenities. For example, three-zone climate control, heated front seats, an eight-inch infotainment screen and Honda Sensing active safety features.

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