Acadia shifter assembly class action investigation

GMC Shift Unit Fails, Stranding Drivers: Who’s Affected?

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Many owners of 2017 to 2019 GMC Acadia SUVs have experienced gear assembly problems when trying to put their vehicles into park. The problem has stranded motorists as the vehicle cannot be turned off unless it is in park. The problem can also cause the battery to discharge and die.

Many GMC Acadia owners say the problem with the SUV’s transmissions starts when they get one “Shift to park” warning, even though the vehicle has been moved to park. Acadia owners reported having to wiggle the electronic shifter repeatedly for the vehicle to recognize that the shifter has been placed in park. But sometimes just flicking the shifter doesn’t work, and the error can put drivers in compromising situations. On some occasions, drivers have been unable to turn off their vehicles. The problem has also reportedly caused the vehicle’s battery to discharge.

The automaker has known about the problem for quite some time, but GMC has not been able to identify in time an adequate solution for the “Shift to Park” message. To date, GMC has not issued a recall for this problem with affected Acadia vehicles.

Do you qualify?

If you own a 2017 to 2019 Acadia and have experienced the “Shift into park” message, especially if you’ve paid for a repair, you may be eligible to seek compensation and join a class action lawsuit regarding the problem.

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GMC aware of transition to park issues

Lawsuits and media coverage of the “shift to park” issue have highlighted this problem since at least 2018. An article by noted GM sent a technical service bulletin to GMC dealers in June 2018. The bulletin stated that the vehicle may not shut off when in park and may not start. The bulletin noted that engineers were investigating the root cause.

Three years later, there appears to be no specific solution to the problem or any recall.

Nevertheless, the problem can be dangerous. Acadia drivers have not only reported that the car cannot be turned off unless the vehicle feels like it is in “park”, in some cases the vehicle has been known to roll as if in neutral.

Acadia drivers complain of shifting problems

The problem continues to be a problem for Acadia drivers. As noted by a consumer on complaints.comhe started having problems in 2019. he said the problem was “fixed” at the dealer, but in may 2022 the problem started again.

“At the dealer now and was told that since the vehicle is out of warranty, I would be responsible for repairs this time,” said a New Jersey consumer. “This is a safety issue that GMC is well aware of and shouldn’t be happening to begin with, let alone after repairs. I will in no way be held responsible for repairs that were apparently made with either defective parts or parts that were limited to only 3 years without my knowledge.”

Another Connecticut consumer wrote on “After putting the car in park and putting the transmission in ‘Park’ the car started to roll forward and display the ‘shift to park’ message. Luckily I was able to jump back into the car and apply the brakes before the car caused serious damage to property or people around.”

The site contains many more complaints. The problem shows up in several of these online complaints at 25,000 miles or less.

Tennessee GMC Acadia Faulty Transmission Lawsuit

Plaintiff Rilla Jefferson filed a lawsuit claimed that her new 2017 GMC Acadia began experiencing transmission problems not long after she purchased it. As reported above, her vehicle would not recognize when it was in park. She also claimed that the vehicle would not start easily after the problem occurred. She said her dealer didn’t fix the problem, and it wasn’t fixed until about two years later. Her lawsuit accuses GMC of selling defective and unsafe Acadia SUVs to thousands of consumers, hurting them financially.

Join an Acadia shift assembly class action investigation

If you own or lease a 2017 to 2019 GMC Acadia and have been experiencing a parking transition notification problem, you may qualify to participate in this Acadia shift assembly class action lawsuit.

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