A look back at the 1987 Jeep Wrangler

Jeep introduced the Wrangler YJ in 1987, after 42 years of Keep CJ tradition. Several styling improvements, suspension and design changes compared to its predecessors. The new Wrangler was significantly different from the proven CJ. Off-road and jeep enthusiasts mostly welcomed the new Wrangler at the time. There was criticism as well, and many hardcore Jeepers did not accept the new design, and they remained true to the authentic CJ design. But despite the critics Jeep Wrangler became popular among terrain enthusiasts. The new model from 1987 offered a better experience in the wilderness and was considered a symbol of masculinity.

The designers gave the existing CJ a new look with the Wrangler YJ. There were significant changes in design and suspension. While some people criticized the new design, it was warmly accepted by terrain enthusiasts. The 1987 Wrangler offered a better experience than most in the wilderness.

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Wrangler’s engine and performance

Jeep equipped the 1987 Wrangler with a naturally aspirated, 4-cylinder in-line engine with two valves per cylinder. There was a multi-point system for indirect injection. The engine could produce up to 121 hp at 5,400 rpm with 140.14 lb-ft of torque and a 150.36 cup in displacement. It was placed at the front in a longitudinal position. The Wrangler gave a fuel economy of 17.17 MPG and used gasoline as fuel. The Jeep could reach from 0 to 60 MPH in 14.1 seconds and had a top speed of 93.21 MPH. Furthermore, Jeep offered an optional 4.2-liter inline 6-cylinder engine. Both engines had a 5-speed manual transmission, while an automatic was available.

The Jeep came with a Dana 30 front and a Dana 35c rear axle, and the Dana E0 front axles came with the problematic vacuum disconnection. The new Process 207 gearbox was chain-driven and worked well in most conditions and terrain, and it withstood most tough driving situations and was designed for tough use.

The elegant yet tough exterior

The Wrangler came with an immediately noticeable styling. These included the folding windshield, removable doors, hardtop and a long, flat hood. There was concern about the square headlights and the more luxurious cabin. An updated YJ was called a Yuppie Jeep at the time. The Wrangler proved that it had the Jeep’s lineage with its shifting 4WD and automatic locking hub. A higher ground clearance proved to be useful for off-road driving. When YJ took shape on paper, it had a lower center of gravity, improved road properties and a more robust roller cage. These were a result of Keep’s security issues.

Its elegant interior

Inside the 1987 Wrangler lost the rudimentary controls and the painted steel instrument. Instead, it had a modern dashboard with four gauges as standard. There were comfortable front seats with short and narrow cousins. The rear cabin did not provide much legroom for the passengers and the right front seat was not adjustable. The rear seats had an easy entry with the folding front seats. You can also fold down the rear seats for more cargo space. It was a four-seater with two doors. There was a maximum load of 1080.27 lbs, a minimum luggage space of 43.29 cu ft and a fuel tank capacity of 20.08 gallons.

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The price tag on a Wrangler from 1987

The average price of a 1987 Jeep Wrangler in decent shape can be just over $ 3,000 today. There are times when people have received even better deals on a YJ. It would cost from $ 6,605 to $ 9,605 to completely restore a 1987 Jeep Wrangler YJ. The recovery costs depend on the materials used and may therefore differ from user to user. Many enthusiasts are ready to spend fortunes to get their hands on a 1987 Jeep Wrangler and restore it.

Overall, the 1987 Wrangler was a milestone in Jeep’s history. While the model was criticized for its new design, some off-roaders welcomed the 1987 Wrangler with open arms. They understood the design improvements and liked the unique style. Although not exactly a collector’s item, people are still searching for 1987 Wranglers to restore and keep them in their possession. It is an ideal choice for a terrain trip in the wilderness. Four-wheel drive and superior ground clearance allow the Wrangler to glide through any terrain.

The comfortable interior ensured that the unevenness of the roads did not affect the passengers. In addition, the enhanced safety features provided superior safety and gave the driver the confidence to meet nature’s challenges.

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