A Jeep Compass owner test drives the Mahindra Scorpio-N

I felt the ride was more sorted in some cases than the Fortuner.

BHPian acquiley recently shared this with fellow enthusiasts.

I test drove the vehicle in Ahmedabad today. Currently, the variant available for the TD was the petrol automatic (57km on ODO). I have been told that the diesel car will be made available in a couple of days from now.

We were 4 people in the car. Me, the wife, a friend and the salesperson from the dealership. The car looked ‘bawaal’ in black from the front and a total Wagon R from the rear (from a distance). We were overwhelmed by the size of the hood and also the height. 18 inch looks beautiful. I test drove about 20 km – from good roads, to open stretches, flyovers, speed bumps, uneven road patches, roads with only the top surface gone and uneven stretches of road with potholes.

Steering: One word: light. The steering is light and you would never feel like you are driving a 4.7m 2000+ kg car. At speeds of around 80-100 km/h, you start to get the feeling that the electronics have now put more weight into the steering. At no point from 0-100 does the steering feel “not direct”. I use a Jeep Compass for my daily commute of about 60km, and for me this was a bit overwhelming. Compass steering makes you feel like you’re driving a heavier car than you actually are, and it’s just the opposite with the Scorpio N. Overall feedback; I will get used to it.

Engine: The engine is as quiet as they come. Very fast ignition, and almost no strains, shuddering inside the cabin. At city speeds, no engine noise will travel inside. As long as you drive sensibly on highways, no engine noise will travel inside. Only after 2500 RPM do you hear the engine.

It is a powerful engine. I wasn’t left looking for power anywhere during my drive. The crawl from standstill is great for climbing your office parking ramps, small slopes on the mountains without having to press the pedal. But once you press the pedal, the car moves calmly. Push it hard and rev the engine to make you smile. The maximum I took the car was 110 km/h, and the car was not out of breath anywhere.

Gearbox: I found it to be a fast gearbox if not the fastest. When driving sensibly, I didn’t feel the gears. At higher revs you feel like it takes that fraction of a second to shift to the next.

Seats: I sat both in the driver’s seat and also a km as a passenger in the second row. The driver’s seat is what makes this the big daddy I think. Commanding position, clear view of the road, large windows, clear bonnet lines. I didn’t find the A-pillar intruding on my clear view of the road, although this can be verified by people who test drive the car near the mountains or hills. Back seat: Comfortable. Enough legroom, enough headroom, enough thigh support, enough airiness, enough said. Note that I will be using the car mostly with 5 seats and therefore did not check the third row. My fellow test drivers also felt comfortable in the seats and shared my opinion of the large cabin space up to the second row. No one volunteered to check the third row

Ride: Yes, this is arranged. I have read reviews and watched YouTube videos saying this is not comparable to the Fortuner but I disagree. I have two Fortuners to compare with. From friends who drive: (2019 Sigma 4), (2015 4X2 AT). I felt the ride was more sorted in some cases than the Fortuner. for example I felt that the lateral movement of the car was less in the Scorpio over rough roads.

Smaller pits, rough spots etc do not rise inside the cabin. The car does not make you nervous during sudden lane changes, fast 50-60 degree curves. I didn’t find the car to be wobbly or anxious on rough patches. You can drive miles on this car all day long.

I sat in the second row too – although I will never use that seat personally. The car is stable and the ride quality is excellent. I want to compare it to the Innova – but then this is no Innova. It is a Scorpio and is several times better than the older version.

Breaks: Brakes are sharp, but you have to get used to them. The bite is present but the feedback is missing. Would have liked a little more feedback on the brakes.

Cottage: The cabin is spacious and plush. The air conditioning works very well (at least to the second row). The car was out in the sun and the AC cooled it down in a couple of minutes.

Overall Feedback: I will buy the AT 4WD Z8 in black. Already added to cart and have also spoken to the dealer. The options I have are Meridian and Fortuner. The Meridian costs about 20L more than the Scorpio and the Toyota even more! With what I test drove today, I’m ready to save my money and say “Go Mahindra”.

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