A closer look at the Jeep Grand Wagoneer EPA economy number

For the unconscious, Jeep The Grand Wagoneer happens to be the largest vehicle ever manufactured at the Jeep factory. As expected, the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a fantastic luxury SUV that tries to satisfy car enthusiasts who want a full-size premium SUV. It also gives drivers excellent off-road characteristics.

The Stellantis-owned brand designed the 2022 edition in a way that makes it a top challenger to the best large luxury SUV. The base model has a 6.4-liter V-8 engine that can make 471 hp and is connected to a standard four-wheel drive system. It also has a three-row seat that makes it an easy choice for a family vehicle. It does not hesitate to present the latest technological advances in its infotainment system. It also has fantastic driver assistance features that provide an extra level of safety.

The 2022 edition is the first time “Grand Wagoneer” will be used for the existing Wagoneer, although this is a flamboyant variant. What is unique about this model is that Jeep offers a special edition of the Grand Wagoneer that is dependent on a new “Hurricane” engine. This will be a limited drive and will be powered by a twin-turbocharged inline-six engine that generates 510 hp. We can confirm that it will cost $ 2,000 more than the bass trim. It’s a pretty good deal, we must add.

The rest of this feature gives you a clear understanding of this vehicle’s fuel economy figures, so read on.

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How’s The Grand Wagoneers’ fuel economy?

As we said earlier, the Grand Wagoneer 2022 comes with a special engine option called “Hurricane”. It is a 3.0-liter I-6 engine that is available in standard or high-power configurations. With a rear-wheel drive system, this variant has a combined fuel economy of 17 mpg. In the city, it is rated at 14 mph, while it is rated at 20 mpg on the highway reported by the EPA. This is much better fuel economy than the V-8 Grand Wagoneer variant offers. It has a total rating of 15 mpg.

On the highway, it is rated at 18 mph. Meanwhile, if you choose to drive within the city, data shows that you have to settle for 13 mpg. On closer inspection, it is obvious that the Hurricane-powered Grand Wagoneer is 15% better in terms of fuel economy.

The standard gearbox for all Grand Wagoneer SUVs is an eight-speed automatic transmission. Do not forget that the I-6-powered version is capable of 510 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. Despite producing so much power, the figures for fuel economy are quite encouraging.

According to the EPA, choosing the hurricane-powered Grand Wagoneer to ensure you save a total of $ 500 annually in fuel costs. This information is based on current fuel prices together with a total of 15 000 miles per year.

More about The Grand Wagoneer: Decor

As expected in Jeep vehicles, the 2022 Grand Wagoneer has a three-row seating configuration and holds between seven and eight passengers. There are a couple of second row captain chairs. However, you can also get a bench if you move with a larger audience.

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2022 Grand Wagoneer lives up to its name as the luxury alternative to the regular Wagoneer. Its interior is fantastic and consists of a lovely wooden accent and many advanced technologies. These technologies include a 12.3-inch digital cluster.

There are many nostalgic traits called “Easter eggs”. Nostalgia does not end here as the steering wheel is a two-tiered old-fashioned wheel with a nice “EST. 1963 ”caption. As soon as you open the door, you will find the inscription on the edge of the dashboard.

There is also a head-up display and a camera-fed rear-view mirror. There is also a rear seat monitoring system that displays a video stream on the center screen.

More about Grand Wagoneer: Fantastic safety features

If you are considering getting this remarkable SUV, then know that it is equipped with several driver assistance features. Remember that we mentioned that the 2022 Grand Wagoneer has some driver assistance features.

The SUV has adaptive cruise control, a self-parking function and a night vision that can detect pedestrians and animals. There is also a semi-autonomous mode that allows hands-free driving. Other functions are forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, rear crossing warning, lane change warning and lane keeping assistance.

How much does Grand Wagoneer 2022 cost today?

2022 Grand Wagoneer is a fantastic luxury SUV that is perfect for highways and city travel. While its EPA-certified numbers are nothing to brag about, compared to its rivals, we think Grand Wagoneer buyers who spend the same amount on their SUVs will have little to say about Wagoneer’s economy numbers.

Grand Wagoneer will be offered in four models called Series I, Series II, Obsidian and Series III. They cost between $ 88,500-108,000.

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