8 coolest ways that the new GMC Hummer EV completely reinvented itself

After more than a decade away from the market, Hummer is finally back in the industry, and it’s better than ever. The General Motors-owned brand has been revived as a model line for GMC, with two new cars on the way. The first of them, the Hummer Pickup, will be available to customers from the fall of 2021 as a 2022 car. The second, the SUV, comes shortly after, and is available from the 2024 model.

RELATED: 5 electric SUVs we would buy over the new Mustang Mach E (5 we would not)Many enthusiasts who remember the original version of the Hummer vehicle will have a stereotype that they associate with the cars: large, exaggerated gas tankers that were essentially civilian versions of military vehicles. Well, forget everything you think you know about the Hummers, because the new model is very far from that stereotype while retaining many of the capabilities that so many owners loved from the original trucks. Let’s take a look at what awaits buyers of this new Hummer breed, and see how radical this reinvention of the brand has been.

8 Three electric motors

The biggest and immediately most noticeable change from the Hummer is that it is no longer the gas guzzler it used to be. Its rumbling gasoline engine is long gone and in its place is a quiet set of electric motors. Anyone who is worried that the new truck will not provide the same power as the old one can, however, be calm.

GM estimates that these electric motors should have a combined power of up to 1,000 hp and will have a range of up to 300 miles. Those are some crazy numbers, and the brand says it’s all possible thanks to their Ultium battery system, which integrates batteries into the main body, enabling a groundbreaking double-stacked configuration.

7 Watt to freedom mode

To get the most out of Hummer’s unmatched power, GM has incorporated an initial control mode called Watts To Freedom, which channels the batteries’ enormous power to short acceleration bursts. With this mode engaged, the truck will jump from 0-60 in just 3 seconds, which is on par with many supercars.

Activating the mode also triggers a “pre-launch countdown”, which lowers the Hummer by two inches and displays animations on the internal screens. It is built solely for fun, and it represents a huge turnaround from the brand. The previous generation Hummers may have been adapted from military vehicles, but the new trucks are built from the ground up with consumers in mind.

6 Rear wheel steering

Another focus for GM when they designed the new Hummers was to make it easier to live with every day. Older generations were very capable off-roaders, but their enormous turning circles and cumbersome handling counted against them in urban areas.

To fix this, the new Hummers now comes with rear-wheel steering, which reduces the turning radius to just 11.3 meters. By comparison, it’s smaller than the much smaller Ford Mustang Mach-E. It also enables a new feature called the Crab Walk, where both sets of wheels can be angled in parallel so that the truck can effectively “go” at an angle diagonally to its body. These two features combined should make city driving and parking in cramped spaces a whole world easier than with an older Hummer.

5 A focus on the interior

Another notorious weakness of the old Hummers was their interiors, as they were quite basic and dated compared to their rivals. This time, GM hired the creative agency Perception to get things just right. The agency is best known for its work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so they were the perfect team to design the technology-heavy, futuristic interior that Hummer was looking for.

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The first pictures from GM seem to indicate that they have done their job, as Hummer packs an incredible amount of technology and connectivity features into its cabin. The fit and finish of the interior also seem to be leagues over the older trucks, and exactly what buyers would expect from a $ 100,000 + vehicle.

4 Automatic driving technique

By taking things a step further than just making the Hummer easy to drive, GM has also implemented a new version of the Super Cruise. Until now, that technology has mostly been reserved for Cadillacs, but it comes in both the pickup and SUV versions of the Hummer. It has over 200,000 miles of activated roads and allows drivers to let the car do most of the work for them.

Super Cruise will automatically change lanes when it needs to, and it will maintain an optimal speed depending on the traffic around it. It’s a very smart kit that has received much praise from reviewers in Cadillac models, and with GM’s new improvements, the Hummers Super Cruise should be even smoother.

3 More versatility

Speaking of agile, previous generations of the truck were not known for their sophistication on the road. It was a side effect of being derived from military vehicles, but it meant that older Hummers lacked the sophistication of, say, a Range Rover or a G Wagen.

The problem was not lost on GM, which has been very careful to ensure that the new models have as much peace of mind on the road as any of their competitors with similar prices. There are also cameras and sensors placed all over the vehicle so that the driver can see exactly what is on the road around them.

2 Even more off-road capable

The truck can now be fantastic on the road, but it is still an absolute monster in every other terrain as well. During the unveiling of the truck, GM reported that the Hummer will be able to wade two feet of water and climb 60 percent in both forward and backward. This is in addition to being able to scale verticals of up to 18 inches.

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To provide maximum track capacity, the underside of the truck is reinforced with thick plating, and there is a 13-inch suspension travel for the most uneven terrain. The old Hummers were all very capable on all surfaces, but this new generation takes that ability to the next level and beyond.

1 High-end brand collaborations

General Motors may be one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, but to get the Hummer EV just right, they hired several key partners, all of whom are experts in their field. This is a significant deviation from the idea of ​​the previous trucks, where most parts and design elements were kept internally. The biggest example of this new philosophy is probably the brand’s collaboration with Bose for the cabin sound system.

The system has been specially designed by Bose for optimal sound quality in all parts of the interior, and it is all controlled via the center console that uses the Unreal Gaming Engine for its graphics. This is just a small example of how far GM is willing to go to ensure that the new models are the best products in Hummer’s history to date. They may be a big departure from the brand’s past ethos, but they’re shaping up to be some of the best electric SUVs out there, period.

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