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It seems like every new pickup truck you hear about these days is an electric pickup truck, but for a large portion of the buying public, electric pickup trucks aren’t doing very well right now.

These are people who tow significant amounts of weight and tow decent distances too and electric pickups, while they’re good for some things like off-roading in silence or quick jaunts around town if you’re just maybe towing your boat in the lake, they’re pretty good for that. But if you really need to do serious truck stuff, I’m talking big weight, big trailers, really going offroad in some tough conditions, you really need a heavy truck and there aren’t any electric versions of them yet, but that’s okay. GMC just updated the new 2024 Sierra HD for those people who really need to use their trucks for truck stuff. Now, what have they changed? Well, come with us as we take you through the new ’24 Sierra HD and see where GMC has made some improvements. One area they didn’t really need to change much, because honestly we think it’s one area they got right on the last major redesign of the full-size trucks is the design. You’ve got some new headlights, you’ve got new grills, you’ve got new bumpers, but overall the truck still looks pretty much the same as it did and that’s okay. One area that you have something new is that there is a new trim level. This is the new GMC Sierra HD Denali Ultimate. Now there’s an Ultimate package you can add to the Denali for the 2023 model year, but for ’24 the Denali Ultimate gets its own trim level, topping the pantheon of Sierra HD trucks that consists of the base Pro grade, SLE, then SLT . You have a new AT4 which is the off-road truck, but you have the very new AT4X which is the luxury version of the off-road truck. You have the super popular Denali and now you have the top, Denali Ultimate. How do you recognize the Denali Ultimate? Well up front you have what they call Vader dark chrome trim. Now it’s a little hard to see on this truck where the body color is actually very similar to the dark chrome, but when you compare it to a regular Denali like this one, you can see the parts that are actually light chrome and the parts that are dark chrome on the Denali Ultimate. You’ve got 20-inch machined wheels with gloss black accents and the badging has now changed for the ’24 model year, you’ve got Ultimate up here, you’ve got 2,500 or 3,500 now down in the front bumper. One area they didn’t need to change much because honestly there wasn’t much wrong with it was under the hood. The standard engine is still a 6.6 liter gasoline VA, producing 401 horsepower and 464 pound feet of torque. It’s unchanged from the ’23 model year, but for ’24 the six-foot automatic transmission is gone, now replaced by the standard Allison 10-speed automatic transmission. Four more forward gears to play with means it should really improve your towing performance, considering it has shorter gear gaps. The optional engine is a turbocharged 6.6-liter Duramax diesel V8 engine, and it now makes 470 horsepower and 975 pound-feet of torque, both of which are a bit of a bump from the ’23 numbers. The new powertrains also come with some improvements in towing capacity. This is a 2500 single rear wheel model and it is the most popular version of the CRHD and now it can tow 4000 pounds more than it could before. The towing rating for this particular model is 21,900 pounds. Now, if you want a maximum towing capacity, a super ultimate incredible towing rig, you’re going to need a 3,500 in a very specific configuration but you can actually tow 36,000 pounds with a gooseneck or turntable, which is probably more than you. will ever need. Maybe, I mean, buyers of these trucks actually pull those kinds of numbers. Now there’s no new bed tech, there’s still no carbon bed available on the HD, but one area that GMC has definitely brought some new tech to the party is the towing tech. They have added a couple of features to the GMC Pro trailer system. You can now add accessory cameras to the trailer and have as many as 14 different camera views, all from the dashboard of your truck. They’ve added the see-through trailer system for gooseneck trailers and turntable so you can actually put an accessory camera on the back of your trailer, tie it into the truck system and you push a button on the dashboard and you get a view behind you as if the trailer wasn’t there. It’s an extraordinary technique and it works really well in other versions I’ve run. You’re driving along and suddenly you press a button, no trailer behind you. You can see vehicles coming at you. You can see vehicles beside you. It helps tremendously in creating an easy tow. The blind spot system now actually extends down the side of the truck and the side of the trailer as well so you actually get a better idea of ​​what’s going on around you. Everything is meant to help you tow with more ease and confidence. Now, the only thing it doesn’t do that Ford just announced on the Super Duty is that it won’t actually detect a hitch ball and automatically back the truck up when you just use the brake. So when it comes to the whole best-in-class towing technology, I’d have to call this a tie with the new Ford Super Duty, at least until we’ve tested both. So the exterior styling has been updated but hasn’t changed much and the powertrains have been updated but haven’t changed much and the truck’s capabilities have been updated but haven’t changed much. So what’s really changed a lot for ’24? This has, the interior. It’s all-new for 2024 and it fixes a problem that we’ve really been bugging General Motors about pretty hard since they redesigned the pickups a couple of years ago and they updated the interior but it didn’t feel that updated. It still felt pretty much like the old vehicle did in terms of its material quality and its design and some of the questionable layout choices. All of that is wiped away with this, the ’24 interior because this interior is identical to the light versions of the GMC Sierra, 1500 and that’s a very good thing. Here in the Denali Ultimate version, it gets all the luxury treatments. There is leather pretty much everywhere, grab handles, steering wheel, full seats, front and rear, center console, even the lower half of the dashboard is now wrapped in leather. That wood is real wood and it’s actually etched with the topography of Mount Denali, in case you need to refer to a map while you’re, I guess, traversing the mountain. The headliner is micro-suede, as are the pillars, both the A-pillars and the B-pillars. So it’s a really, really nice interior. It’s comfortable, it’s well designed, it’s well thought out, it looks good. And there is also a lot of technology that has been brought in here as well. You have many digital screens here. You have a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster available on some models, you also have an optional 13.4-inch touchscreen in landscape format as well. Now it all runs on the new Google built-in operating system, which the jury is still out on. We’ve had some trouble getting this to actually work in pretty much every automaker’s vehicle we’ve tried it in, so I think it could still work out some of the bugs in Google’s OS, but it looks great. It works pretty quickly. It’s big and clear and easy to use but they haven’t gone fully touchscreen, there are still hard buttons on a number of components and the climate control has huge easy to use controls too. The difference between the heavy and the light is right here, heavy duty column shifter, not a console shifter and that has allowed them to open this area up a bit and actually offer an accessory panel for Upfitters. So if you have things like a snow plow that you want to drive? It can snap quite a bit here. There’s also a 15-inch heads-up display available on some models. So you’ve got a lot of different digital screens to look at, but they’re reconfigurable, they’re easy to use, they’re bright, they’re up high enough that you don’t take your eyes off the road too much. Overall, this is such a dramatic improvement for General Motors interiors that it kind of erases any bad memories of what they did in the last round. If you want one of those Denali Ultimate trim levels that GMC says will probably make up a significant portion of the number of CR HDs it sells, well, you can have an interior in any color you want as long as it’s brown. Technically it’s called Alpine Umber and it looks really good, especially with all the custom stitching and embossed topography that we see here. And the one thing you’ll have plenty of in any HD truck is space. The thing is just cavernous, plenty of room for five or I bet you, you know what? You can probably even fit four people in here for a total of six, although there are actually only five seat belts. But one thing about the Denali Ultimate is that sometimes you’ll see luxury appointments drop from the front seat to the back seat, not like this. From the laser-etched grills on the 12-speaker Bose sound system to the leather upholstery on all the seats and all the stitching, it’s as good looking in the back as it is in the front, and that’s rare. If you’re just looking for a regular Denali instead of the Denali Ultimate, they’ve made some changes to that as well for 2024. The biggest changes obviously come in the styling up front where you’ve got the same kind of design changes. You’ve got a new grill, you’ve got new headlights, you’ve got new bumpers, but for the regular Denali, you get the bright chrome work instead of the dark Vader chrome that you have on the Denali Ultimate. You also get some new 18 inch machined aluminum wheels that definitely give it that super chunky look on this dual rear wheel model. They really look the business, don’t they? We don’t have pricing yet for the new ’24 Sierra HD, which will actually arrive closer to the trucks’ on-sale date which GMC says will be the first quarter of 2023. Not all versions of the Sierra HD will arrive in the first quarter, however, the AT4X will. which is the new more luxurious version of the AT4 off-road trim, not until later this year. Now that we have pricing and test drives and more information on the new 2024 GMC Sierra HD, you’ll find it all at cars.com.

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