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In the past, the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado have been pretty similar vehicles, kind of like two variations on the same theme, and that makes sense because they were basically the same truck, same engines, same platform, same chassis, similar in…

interiors, similar styling too. The main difference between the two really seemed to be more marketing based. Now, things changed a little bit with the latest Canyon and the styling started to look a little different, but for the 2023 model year we have an all-new GMC Canyon and we also have an all-new Chevrolet Colorado as well. But this might just be the most different Canyon has ever been from Colorado. Why is it now? Let me show you. Now, what do I mean it’s more different than it’s ever been? Well, first of all, look at this thing. It sits a lot higher, it’s a lot wider than it was before, you’ve got huge bulging fenders, you’ve got 32-inch tires on all models except the ultimate off-road version, the AT4X, which is new for 2023. It’s going to have 33-inch tires on 17 -inch beadlock-capable wheels. The Canyon also has common styling cues with all trim levels that are intended to help it go off-road a little better. The bumper is a prime example of that. It’s much taller than it was before and it has these cutouts in front of the wheels that help you get over things like boulders and off-road obstacles without damaging the corners of your bumper. It’s hard to damage the corners of your bumper when your bumper simply has no corners. You also have standard LED lighting across the board. And one thing missing is the air dam. You see, there is no specific on-road model for the Canyon anymore, so that air dam for fuel economy is no longer there. Well, we’re not exactly sure what it will do for fuel economy, we don’t have those numbers yet, but we do know what powertrain it will have. Every 2023 GMC Canyon will have the same engine. It’s not like the Colorado, where you have one engine but three outputs. You just got a powertrain for the ’23 Canyon. It’s the top engine from the Colorado, a turbocharged 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine making 310 horsepower, 430 foot pounds of torque mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Now that’s a lot of power for a midsize truck and we’re looking at the four different grades of GMC canyon for 23, Elevation trim, AT4, Denali and AT4X, which Elevation trim will come with standard two-wheel drive with optional four-wheel drive. So consider a rear-wheel-drive pickup truck with this much V8-level power from a turbocharged four-cylinder, that thing will probably be a rocket ship. The hero model for the 23 year model is this one. This is the new AT4X, the first time we’ve seen it at Canyon and it’s based on the AT4 off-road model with a few extra features with some parts borrowed from the Colorado ZR2. The largest borrowed part can be found here below. This is the Multimatic DSSV rear suspension system that allows it to go off road with a pretty advanced clip. Now that also means you get a fifth driving mode for the AT4X called baja and that should pretty much tell you exactly what it’s good for. If you really want to spruce up your AT4X then order this one, this is actually an add-on model and for a little extra money you get some extra bling like this aluminum safari bar, the 30 inch integrated LED lights up front. You also have a steel bumper and a more advanced, more robust skid plate underneath. And it also includes a standard winch, just in case you get stuck somewhere you can’t get out. One of the biggest areas that they have distinguished the Colorado from the Canyon is inside. Look at this interior. It actually looks significantly different than the new Colorado’s interior does. While the Colorado is very rectangular and blocky, the new Canyon actually looks like a mini Sierra 1500. You have these trapezoidal patterns in the dash around the vents. You have premium materials here that are a hell of a lot better than they were on the outgoing ’22 model. Look at the stitching and the leather steering wheel. The leather quality on the seats is also fantastic. Being the AT4X model, the idea here I’m told is that extreme winter sports are what really inspired this interior theme. And then you have black and white leather, you have red accents everywhere, red stitching on the seats and on the console, red seat belts as an option as well. It’s supposed to really bring to mind that kind of winter gear with the red accents of like carabiners and clips and stuff, but not only have they set it apart from the Colorado in terms of its interior, but they’ve also really changed. that, trim level to trim level as well. Check out the Denali, the new Denali trim level sure looks better than the last one did. The material quality here is fantastic and it’s certainly in line with what GMC said their customers wanted. When they buy a Canyon Denali, they don’t want a smaller truck, they just want a smaller truck. And that is what they have delivered. The interior in here is easily as nice as the larger Sierra, you actually have real wood trim on the dash and doors. You have a great chrome around the bezels, the leather quality on the seats is great too. So finally they have created a Canyon Denali that is actually described as a luxury truck quite accurately. So when will the ’23 Canyon get here and how much will it cost? Well, the order just opened now, specifically for this one, the new AT4X edition, the Elevation, the AT4 and the Denali will appear in early 2023. The AT4X will appear in the spring of ’23. Now in terms of pricing, the two-wheel drive base Elevation will start at around $40,000 which is significantly more than we expect the Colorado to come in at, but it also has that premium engine and it has a lot more standard equipment as well. If you want one of these AT4X editions, this will set you back about $63,000, which is full-size truck money for a midsize truck. But honestly, given all its capabilities and equipment, it should pretty much live up to that price in terms of its capabilities. If you want to know more about the new 2023 GMC Canyon or any of the GMC lineup, you can look it all up at cars.com.

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