2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit interior design review

For a brand that took off with barefoot military vehicles, it is quite wild to think that Jeep is also now a genuine competitor to such as Cadillac, Lincoln and Audi among many others. Yes, Jeep is a world-class supplier of luxury SUVs, and the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit is proof of that.

Simply put, this tired car reviewer just kept saying the same thing over and over again after opening the front door: “Wow.” This is because your eyes, and soon your hands, are treated with sumptuous materials over virtually every surface. The instrument panel is upholstered and has warm, natural wood details. The seats are upholstered in soft, quilted leather with contrast stitching. In this case, it is black leather with brown seams, but gray and saddle brown leather options are available. The optional McIntosh speakers have polished metal grilles with illuminated logos that match the other metal accents well, and the giant touch screen is beautifully integrated and bridges the top of the dashboard with the center.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit speakers2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit gearbox

Things get better when you get your hands on the controls and surfaces. The start button has an elegantly structured edge that gives it a sense of place. The shift knob is a heavy, cool piece of metal with a machined checkered structure around the edge. It is flanked by additional metal controls that adjust the driving height and change driving modes, and they are just as solid and pleasant to use. Although the climate controls and stereo controls are not as eventful in their action, they are, thankfully, physical buttons and knobs, making adjustments to these functions quick and easy. And speaking of climate control, it’s a four-zone automatic system.

The infotainment system is equally impressive. The graphics are sharp and very readable. The 10.1-inch screen, standard on the Summit, provides large and easy-to-press icons, and is generally responsive. However, it takes a couple of moments for everything to charge at startup. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included along with navigation. The standard sound system is nothing sloppy with more than 500 watts of power, nine speakers and a subwoofer. But if you have the scratch, we recommend the optional and incredibly sound McIntosh sound system. It even has a nice feature in its virtual VU meters with blue backlight that can appear on the infotainment screen, just like you find on the company’s hi-fi system for the home. Summit also gets a 10.25-inch digital instrument display that is crammed with information, if you would like to see it, and has discreet graphics like the infotainment screen. As an option, there is a head-up display, which is useful enough that you may not even look much at the large instrument panel. Again, the night vision head-up screen comes when added with our tester’s Advanced ProTech Group IV package, so you may still be able to use it.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit infotainment2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit front seats2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit rear seats

Seats in the summit are quite functional. In addition to the beautiful leather, the front seats have heating and ventilation, massage and 12-way power adjustment with memory. Nappa leather is standard, but our test model came with Palermo leather, which is probably better. The second row gets heaters along with sliding and tilt adjustments, but this is not uncommon. However, the possibility of ventilation is and is included in the Summit Reserve Group package. However, the damping is a bit fixed in both rows and they do not have much shape. As such, it can get a little tiring after a few hours on the road. Head, leg and shoulder space are certainly not missing in any of the rows.

But of course these are not the only lines to talk about. The Grand Cherokee L is the first in the line to offer a third row of seats. Access is fairly easy thanks to the sloping and sliding seats on the second row. Accommodation is quite tight. Adults can push themselves back there, but do not want to stay due to the cramped knee space and the position near the floor. Still, it is better than some three-row options like the Infiniti QX60 and Mercedes GLE-Class.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit cargo space

The cargo space is usable no matter how many seats are raised. Behind the third row is 17.2 cubic feet, which is roughly the average for the segment. It increases to 46.9 with the third row weight and 84.6 with both rows down.

Despite all its luxury, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L has a luxury price. It starts at $ 62,095 including destination. Our model, with four-wheel drive, McIntosh sound system, head-up display, ventilated rear seats, night vision and more came to $ 67,090. If you’re feeling particularly flashy, there’s a step above our Summit: Summit Reserve test, which starts at $ 66,575. This pricing puts it on par with competitors from Audi, Lincoln, Land Rover and Mercedes. Aside from arguably less comfortable seats, Jeep’s interiors are just as nice if not better than all of them.

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