2022 Jeep Compass: Petrol vs Diesel. Which one to choose?

The petrol and diesel engines are connected with options for both manual and automatic transmission.

Jeep India launched the updated Compass SUV a year ago. The 2021 Jeep Compass came with a number of significant updates, both in terms of exterior and interior design, as well as the addition of a host of features and technology.

Both engines come with a variety of gearbox options, including a 6-speed manual, a 7-speed DCT and a 9-speed AT.

Starting with the petrol version, the Jeep Compass will be powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine. It provides 160 hp and 250 Nm. The motor is available in all variants and is offered with a standard 7-speed DCT automatic gearbox. However, the base’s “Sport” trim comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. In addition, Compass petrol details are offered with a 4×2 configuration as standard.

The diesel engine on the Jeep Compass comes in the form of a 2.0-liter unit (which also drives several other SUVs, including the Tata Harrier, Safari, MG Hector & Hector Plus). The oil burner produces 171 BHP and 350 Nm and is connected to a 6-speed manual gearbox that sends power to the front wheels. The middle and top variants (Limited, Model S & Trailhawk) are offered with a 4×4 configuration, which uses a 9-speed automatic transmission.

So, if you were to buy a Jeep Compass, which engine option would you choose and why?

GTO recently drove the 2022 Jeep Compass Diesel AT and here’s what he had to say, “I give the Diesel AT combination a rating of 7/10, deducting 1.5 points for occasional slow response times and confused nature, and 1.5 points for not having a paddle changer or a sport mode. The gearbox is flexible and easy to live with If you is a quiet driver or even one who pushes the car on 7/10 parts, you will cope.I have to mention that the Diesel AT is not confused or painful like the Compass Petrol DCT as I would give a 4/10 rating. “

Read GTO’s full review of the Compass Trailhawk here.

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

A very interesting study of a very interesting (albeit too expensive) car.

1.4L DCT is bad, so it’s out the window for me. I’ve heard decent things about the 1.4L Petrol MT, but it seems to be very elusive in availability and does not come in the well-equipped variants either.

When it comes to the “fun to drive” factor, nothing touches the 2.0 Diesel 6-speed MT on the open road. I would prefer it over a C-Class on my favorite roads. But I can no longer live with an MT everyday. Therefore, my vote goes to the second best, 2.0 Diesel Automatic. It is not the most intelligent of ATs as a ZF 8-speed, but it can handle a total of 7/10. Diesel AT is nice to live with.

Here’s what BHPian crazy driver had to say about the matter:

Voted with my wallet last week and got home 2.0 Diesel MT.


  1. My Punto had driven many miles until Covid struck. 2.0 MT would be the most brilliant choice there.
  2. The budget was already drawn. Automatic is 5L on-road extra, with 4 * 4 not optional.
  3. The vending machine is not brilliant for regretting it yet. GTO’s 7/10 rating helped seal my decision.
  4. Would have preferred a vending machine, but not a necessity for me. The automatic I have is also not fun to drive.
  5. Petrol AT is even more expensive than diesel MT. Also has bad reviews! During my TD – it felt either sluggish, or extremely fast and inefficient, and struggled to keep a decent, constant pace between these two extremes. 1.4 petrol MT is the most VFM option, but available only on the base variant.

When it comes to driveline options: Compass really needs to borrow that 2.0 FWD AT from the upcoming Meridian. Everyone who needs a vending machine does not have to have 4 * 4 functions. That 1.4 petrol must be replaced as well, and rumors say that a new 1.3 is on the way!

Here’s what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say about the matter:

I have a 2-liter diesel MT as a daily driver. As good as the gearbox is, the clutch becomes heavy over time and feels dull in traffic. My voice goes to the diesel engine with 9-speed automatic. Pure convenience. I can no longer live with manuals.

On a related note, they really need to offer diesel AT in a basic front-wheel drive configuration. Not everyone needs a 4×4, and the current premium charged for this combination is simply unreasonable.

Check out BHPian’s comments for more insights and information.

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