2021 GMC Sierra AT4 is too expensive for its own good

Is it cursed with faint praise to say that this GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 diesel would be a good used truck at some point?

This is not a bad truck. But it is expensive; as tested, this Sierra costs just under $ 65,000. It’s a lot of money for “not bad” when Ford and Ram will sell you an excellent truck.

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The general consensus among my colleagues is that GM’s latest half-ton pickups are quite overwhelming, especially given their enormous importance to the company. Ford and Ram put a lot of effort into upgrading their halftones, and you simply do not get the feeling that GM tried almost as hard. The company rolled on its market share, and although it still sells a large number of pickups and should continue, Ram eats at GM sales and Ford is still the clear king. This is a problem for one of your most popular and profitable vehicle lines.

If you drove the Sierra in isolation, you would think it was pretty good. Quiet, easy to drive given its large size and equipped with the modern comforts you would expect, including a simple, functional infotainment system. But both Ram and Ford have better interiors and more advanced technology, and the coil-sprung Ram offers a much more refined driving. GMC’s interior already feels dated even though the truck has only been on sale for two and a half years, and it’s becoming a bigger problem with increasingly expensive trim like this AT4. It’s hard to see where all the money is going here when $ 65,000 at a Ford or Ram dealer buys a luxury truck.

2021 gmc sierra at4 diesel

Chris Perkins

Of course, some of the money goes to AT4’s off-road goods; mud-terrain tires, a 2-inch lift, new shock absorbers and perhaps most importantly, robust styling adjustments. This is not the basis for a hardcore offroader. But in GM’s defense, they are working on a ZR2 package for the Chevy Silverado, which should challenge the Ford Raptor and RAM TRX.

Actually, the AT4 package is just enough to satisfy the many who like to make their trucks look more off-road, with no intention of leaving the sidewalk.

This truck also had GM’s excellent new 3.0-liter diesel straight six. It’s a $ 1000 upgrade over the standard 5.3-liter small-block, and as we found with the new Chevy Suburban, it’s worth every penny. This is one of the smoother diesels on the market today, and the improvements in fuel economy will quickly pay off. Matching the EPA’s 24 mpg combined rating was easy, and 460 lb-ft of torque makes this large truck feel quite nimble in the city. The diesel is paired with GM’s now familiar 10-speed auto, and the best I can say about this trance is that you do not really notice it. Thank you for good programming, diesel torque or any combination of the two.

My tester came equipped with GMC’s new carbon fiber bed, which comes as part of a $ 1070 package that can only be selected with additional packages. GMC says it reduces weight by 100 pounds compared to a steel bed and reduces the risk of corrosion. It seems a bit redundant, but the carbon fiber surface does not require bed linen, so this package may be worth the extra money.

Even more useful was this truck’s MultiPro tailgate, standard on all but the Sierra base. Multipro opens in a number of different and useful ways, which makes it so much easier to load things in bed, and it provides a nice seat when needed. I would say that this tailgate makes it worth going for the GMC in front of the Chevy, but it’s now available as a $ 260 alternative to the Silverado.

2021 gmc sierra at4 diesel

Chris Perkins

I enjoyed my time with this Sierra. I just could not put my head around the price, especially not when I know how much more you get out of an F-150 or a RAM 1500. Even if you skip the AT4 and carbon tailgate packages and get a similarly equipped SLT, it costs still around $ 60,000. I think that’s why this rig will be much more appealing in 5-10 years. Apart from decal shock, it is a perfectly comfortable truck to live with, equipped with an excellent engine.

And, yes, I realize I’m the billionth person to make that joke.

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