10 obvious problems with Jeep Wranglers

The Jeep The Wrangler has long established itself as one of the best rugged off-road vehicles you can buy for money. It is one of the few modern vehicles you can still buy that has a stiff front axle, making it a favorite among fans among rock-climbing enthusiasts or almost anyone who wants to tackle off-road obstacles at slow speeds.

Although Wrangler is primarily back to basics at its best, they come with a host of issues, some of which come straight from the factory. There is no doubt that it is a very efficient vehicle, but unfortunately simplicity does not always mean “hassle-free”.

10 Management

So that stiff front axle, it can be good for off-road driving, especially to navigate obstacles at low speeds, but it is hopeless on almost everything else.

It does and breaks the vehicle at the same time, and is the main reason why other mountain bikers have since moved on. It makes the jeep feel vague in every corner and will not inspire any confidence.

9 Electric Gremlins

Most of the electrical issues relate to infotainment, at its core this is a back to basics vehicle and infotainment is a bit of an afterthought, where only to satisfy market requirements.

If you are really looking for something like this, it may be better to keep it as basic as possible and have it professionally upgraded later once you have identified what you simply can not be without. The Jeep system just does not work well at all.

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8 Finishing

Again, this revolves around the robust nature of the vehicle, everything is kept to a minimum and some of the plastics are selected for their durability over feeling and aesthetic value.

What is unforgivable are the huge panel doors pretty much everywhere, and if you choose the soft top, you can consider buying a raincoat along with it.

7 Build quality

You can definitely forgive them for compromises with fit and finish, but the overall build quality has proven to be a bit suspicious over time.

Welding on safety-critical components has forced recalls, something that just should not happen on a vehicle that actively promotes how much you can abuse it.

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6 Defective coupling

For those who are enthusiastic about the introduction of a manual alternative, something of a rarity in the automotive world nowadays, their joy will quickly turn into frustration.

Wranglers have shown consistent problems with their connections disintegrating, it’s a strange event that should have gotten a quick and easy solution, but the problem has persisted and although they have issued several recalls related to this, it still seems that the actual problem does not has has been resolved.

5 Soft Top self-destructive

This is a problem that is directly related to the build quality, as the locking mechanism is prone to failure. Getting loose on a path or at a school race may not be that serious, but just imagine what will happen on the highway.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have had this rather frightening experience, not only putting them in danger but also others on the way around them.

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4 Fuel consumption

The latest hybrid and diesel powertrains will go a long way to overcome this, but if you really want the gas version, it’s better to have a fairly even bank account.

The suggested figure of 25 MPG is misleading as it will be in almost perfect conditions, so no matter how much you drive on the motorway, your combined actual mileage will be much closer to the deplorable figure of 17 MPG given for city driving.


The Wrangler sets the benchmark for the worst noise, vibration and hardness of a modern vehicle, but the Wrangler is loud and proud of it.

Refined is not the word that comes to mind when you think of the jeep, it’s about being rough and robust. This is good and good, but we think they may have pulled a little, it is so “tough” that it actually gets tiring to drive daily.

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2 Steering

One of the biggest problems with the solid front axle is the total lack of feeling on the road, the slope can be adjusted and improved, but it always feels like you are driving a car from another time.

At best it feels vague, at worst it can be really worrying. This is an issue that is simply part of the package, and you must learn to live with it if you want the extra off-road capability.

1 Death Wobble

Simply hitting a bump at the wrong (or is it right) speed can cause a violent and dangerous wheel wobble that also causes the steering wheel to shake from side to side quickly, it can become so serious that you can even lose control of the vehicle.

Although changes in suspension can aggravate the problem, it even happens for jeeps in stock, there have been recalls but the problem remains.

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